Trademark Renewal

File your trademark renewal application to extend your Trademark rights for the next 10 years. Your Trademark Renewal in Less than 3 dayStarting At
Rs. 12,999 only(+Govt. fees)

Trademark Renewal

File your trademark renewal application to extend your Trademark rights for the next 10 years. Your Trademark Renewal in Less than 3 dayStarting At
Rs. 12,999 only(+Govt. fees)

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What is Trademark Renewal

A trademark is any one of a kind articulation identified with an item or administration that recognizes it from others.  This expression could be a word, slogan, photograph, logo, graphic, color combination, sound or even smell.A registered trademark has 10 years of validity. After that it needs Trademark renewal. You don’t have to stress in the event that you neglect to restore it as you will get an earlier notice at your registered office with respect to your trademark renewal . As a rule, organizations forgot to renew their trademark In this way, the Registrar inform them with respect to a similar a half year before Expiration. All things considered, on the off chance that there is no activity from your side, at that point Registrar issues an explanation which says that your trademark would be expelled from Trademarks Journal. It is a long procedure and takes 6-12 months after termination. So before that, you can restore it by simply paying the amount of fine to the department.

Trademark Renewal Done By Mahadev Trademark Service

What happens if you do not renew your trademark?

To keep a registration alive, the registration owner must file Trademark Renewal. On the off chance that you neglect the Trademark Renewal, it isn’t only the proprietor who will get influenced, yet additionally each and every individual who has either been appointed or authorized the brand name. You will lose the power that deters others from using your trademark. It also substantially weakens the owner’s legal position. Eliminates protection from infringement claims also.  

Procedure for Trademark Renewal

Make a Enquiry

Fill up the trademark registration form or contact us form . Our Team Will be in Touch with you.


Our Team will Talk to you over the Phone and will prepare the Documents for Trademark Renewal

trademark registration online form

Preparation of Application

Our Team will create all the required applications and file them with Registrar.

Application filed

The application is filed , acknowledgement slip of same shall be sent to you on your Email.


1. What is a Trademark?

Trademark is a logo, brand name, word or punch line by which customers recognize or differentiate the products or services of one company from another.

2. What is Trademark class?

The Trademark Registry has arranged merchandise and ventures under 45 classes. Your application must make reference to the class/classes of the products/administrations. The trademark would be enlisted under those classes as it were.

3. Difference between Trademark and Copyright?

A trademark is a licensed innovation which is being alloted to a word or logo however on another hand, copyright guarantees you the security for your interesting substance, for example, books, music, recordings, tunes or even programming.

4. Documents required for Trademark Registration?

You have to create character verification if there should arise an occurrence of trademark enrollment in India. (if there should be an occurrence of individuality).While on another hand you have to deliver organization joining reports if the element is an organization.

5. Is My Trademark Valid Worldwide ?

No! The enrolled trademark under Trademark Act 2000 is just substantial in India. Be that as it may, in a couple of different nations, it tends to be utilized as a base for enlisting the trademark in those nations.

6. Do I still need to register trademark for my Company Name? If I already registered my Company Name under the Companies Act.

Organization or Domain enrollment won't secure your image character. To ensure your organization's personality, you have to get a trademark.

7. In which cities does Mahadev Leagel services provide trademark registration services?

Logo registration in India is done by Mahadev Leagel services which provides trademark application services across India in all cities. We have done trademark registration in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur and other Indian cities.

8. What are the differentrent Trademark Classes?

The Trademark Registry has arranged merchandise and enterprises under 45 classes. The class/classes of the products/administrations ought to be referenced precisely in an application. The trademark would be enrolled under those classes as it were. When doing trademark search you should possibly be concerned if a trademark with a comparative name exists in a similar class. For instance, in the event that you are an IT supplier by name of ComSys, you will get your trademark on the off chance that another person has enlisted a similar trademark in some different class.

Class 1ChemicalsClass 16Stationery & Paper GoodsClass 31Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Class 2Paints, CoatingsClass 17Rubber ProductsClass 32Beer & Beverages
Class 3Cleaning ProductsClass 18Leather GoodsClass 33Alcoholic Beverages
Class 4Fuels, Industrial OilsClass 19Building MaterialClass 34Tobacco Products
Class 5Veterinary ProductsClass 20FurnitureClass 35Advertising & Business Services
Class 6Metals, metal castingsClass 21CrockeryClass 36Insurance & Financial Services
Class 7Machines and Machine ToolsClass 22RopesClass 37Construction & Repair Services
Class 8Hand Tools and implementsClass 23Yarns & ThreadsClass 38Telecommunications Services
Class 9Computers & Scientific DevicesClass 24FabricsClass 39Shipping & Travel Services
Class 10Surgical InstrumentsClass 25Clothing,Footwear & HeadgearClass 40Treatment of Materials Services
Class 11AppliancesClass 26Lace & EmbroideryClass 41Education & Entertainment Services
Class 12VehiclesClass 27CarpetsClass 42Science &Technology Services
Class 13FirearmsClass 28Games & ToysClass 43Food Services
Class 14JewelleryClass 29Meat ExtractsClass 44Medical & Veterinary Services
Class 15Musical InstrumentsClass 30Coffee & Rice ProductsClass 45Legal & Security Services

9. When can I use (TM) symbol?

You can use (TM) mark as soon as the Trademark application is filed and you receive acknowledgement receipt. (R) mark can be used once it is registered.

10. When should we renew the trademark registration?

It is substantial for a constrained timeframe i.e. for 10 years. Be that as it may, it is sustainable inconclusively. You simply need to pay the expense for trademark recharging without fail.

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