Trademark Registration in Delhi

Register a Trademark of your Brand Name and logo to Protect the Identity of your Brand.
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Trademark Registration in Delhi

Any person or Company can apply for Trademark registration Delhi or India. If a Foreign Nationals or Company want to Apply For a TM Registration in Delhi they can Apply for a TM Registration. Trademark Registration is very important for a Company to Protect the identity of the company.

For the Trademark Registration process, you need to follow a few steps with timely follow-up from the Government. Following are the detailed steps of trademark registration delhi.

Mahadev trademark registration

Eligibility for Trademark registration

Who is eligible to obtain trademark registration Delhi?

Trademark registration is used to protect the Brand name, value Slogan, or any other Unique word. Trademark Registration Certificate can be applied by individuals or Companies or non-profit Organizations. A person or company can apply for their trademark in different trademark classes according to their requirement. Steps and requirements for trademark registration in Delhi. You can visit on the official website of IP India for more details

1. For an Individual (Single Person) TM Registration

A person can apply for a Trademark Registration even he is not having any business. An individual can apply for trademark Registration for a symbol or word which is proposed to be used by the applicant in the Future.

2. Joint Applicant TM Registration

In the case of joint ownership of a company, logo, slogan, or word and both of the owners decided to file a trademark registration application in Delhi. then the name of both owners must be in the application form with joint ownership.

3. Proprietorship Firms TM Registration

Filling an online trademark registration application for a proprietorship firm the full name of the applicant should be there in the trademark registration Delhi application form. The business name of the Proprietorship firm is not acceptable.

4. Partnership Firm TM Registration

Filling a Trademark Registration application for a Partnership firm all the names of the partners must be in the application. The name of the Guardian must be in the application form if there is a minor in Partnership.

5. Limited Liability Partnership TM Registration

The application must be in the name of the LLP. In limited liability Partnership firm registration, the partners have their own identity so partners can not be the applicant as That Trademark Belongs to Limited Liability Partnership(LLP).

6. Indian Company TM Registration

An Indian origin Private Limited Company, One Person Company, or Public Limited Company applying for TM Registration in Delhi the application must be on the name of the company. this application can not be submitted in the name of the director. The director or any other officer of the company can sign and submit the application

7. Foreign Company TM Registration

If a Foreign-based company Applying for TM Registration in Delhi. that should be registered in their home country and then the application must be in the Corporate name as it is registered in the home country.

8. Trust or Society TM Registration

Trust society manager, Secretary, or Chairman of the trust can apply for the trademark registration in Delhi. The name of anyone above should be in the application form.

Types of Trademark Registration Delhi

Marks like Product mark, Service Mark, Certification Mark, Shape Mark, Sound Mark, Word Mark, or any type of Pattern Mark can be applied for TM Registration in Delhi. The main purpose of a trademark is almost the same for all marks and that is to make the product and services easy to find by the consumer. let’s take a look at various types of trademark registration in Delhi

Product Mark: This mark helps to recognize the origin of the product and helps to maintain the brand value. Application filed under the trademark class 1-34 could be labeled as Product mark category and represent the goods.

Service Mark: This is similar to the product mark the only difference is this mark represents the services. The purpose of this mark is to differentiate the Brands from other similar service providers. Application filed under the trademark class 35-45 could be labeled as Service mark category.

Collective Mark: This mark helps the public to differentiate the features of products and services. An Individual group can use this mark to collectively protect the goods and the services. A public institution or an Association can be the holder of the collective mark.

Certification Mark: This mark is used to bring the standard of a product and guarantee to the public about the product that this product is gone through the standard test to ensure quality. These marks are used on packed food, electronics, and toys.

Shape Mark: These are marks are used for the shape of a product so the buyer can easily recognize the manufacturer and can buy the desired product. you can register your product’s shape once that has a noteworthy shape.

Pattern Mark: Pattern marks are for items that have a predefined configuration design that stands apart as the distinctive variable of the item. Designs that neglect to stand apart as prominent focuses are dismissed. For example, imprint to be enrolled it should stand apart as interesting.

Sound Mark: As by the name of the mark Sound Mark, A audio that is associated with a product or service can be registered in a sound mark, for example, IPL tune is a Sound mark example.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration in Delhi

What are the documents required for obtaining a trademark registration in Delhi?

Trademark registration delhi is a process that should be carried out under expert guidance. Mahadev Trademark Registration service in Delhi has helped over thousand trademark applicants to get their trademark registered.

The list of documents required to obtain Trademark registration are:

  • Identity proof of the trademark owner ( PAN, Passport, Aadhar Card )
  • Certificate of Incorporation ( In case of a Private Limited Company or an LLP)
  • Udyog Aadhar Registration
  • Logo if it is applicable and available
  • Address proof
Procedure for Trademark Registration in Delhi

Here we have a simplified process of obtaining a trademark registration in Delhi.

Step- 1

Trademark Search

Mahadev Trademark Check the availability of a trademark on behalf of you and make sure that the name or logo has not been taken by someone else or similar to any existing trademark.

Step- 2

Create trademark application

Once the team is done with the research of the given name or design. Mahadev trademark will send you an authorization letter which should be signed by you, which means you are authorizing our Lawyers to file a trademark registration on behalf of you.

Step- 3

Trademark application submission

When we get the approval letter and given that no data is wrong or fractional, our attorneys will document the brand name for your benefit, and you can immediately start using the ™ symbol. We will give you your Online trademark application number as a trademark can be applied online by the registered lawyer or Agent.

Step- 4

Trademark Registration

Once a trademark application is complete, your application will be verified by the trademark office. 

Why Mahadev Trademark Registration Service?

  • We conduct research on the government portal to check the availability of your Trademark.
  • we will be preparing an authorization letter in order to file a trademark application on behalf of you.
  • we offer a hustle-free service to our clients. we make sure that our clients do not have to face any responsibility of filing a Trademark.
  • Our team will guide you about the trademark class according to your goods and services.
  • Mahadev Trademark will provide you assistance regarding form fill up with Registrar.
  • You will get all updates time by time till your registration is completed.
  • We assure you tom protect your brand and services from copycats.
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