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Trademark Category's

Classes Category of trademarks
Class 1Any kind of Chemicals, Resins, and Plastics.Chemicals that are used in Industries, science or photography, even chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestr.
Class 2Any kind of Varnishes, Paints, and Anti-corrosion substances or any preservative used against rust and damage of wood, metals used in foil and powder form used by painters, decorators or printer.
Class 3Cosmetics, Hair Oils and Lotions, and Cleaning Preparations,Substances used in laundry, also cleaning and polishing; and has chemical applications.
Class 4All industrial reases, Lubricants, and all fuels and candles and wicks.
Class 5Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Sanitary Preparations (Veterinary and Pharmaceutical, including sanitary preparations also, any dietetic substance), baby food, plasters, dressing material, preparations to destroy vermin.
Class 6Goods of Metals and Alloys, Ironmongery and Hardware Products and non-electric cables and wires (all of the common metals), pipes and tubes and other small metal hardware, also ones are included.
Class 7Equipments and Machineries (land vehicles not included), incubators (for eggs) and agriculture machines.
Class 8 Hand-operated Devices and Tools, cutlery, razors and side arms.
Class 9Scientific, Electrical, and Technological Apparatus like navigation, Photography, Cinematography, optics, weights and measurements, signals, supervision, life-saving regulating, transmitting or any kind of magnetic data carriers or recording discs, vending machines(automatic) and any coin-operated apparatus; computers, cash registers, calculating machines and fire-extinguishing apparatus.
Class 10 Medical and Surgical Instruments and Apparatus like surgical, dental and veterinary instruments and apparatus, artificial limbs or eyes or teeth; Orthopedic articles also included in this Class.
Class 11Heating, Cooling, Drying, and Refrigerating cooking, ventilating, sanitary or water supply related appliances and apparatus.
Class 12 Vehicles and apparatus for locomotion includeds Land, Air, and Water Vehicles
Class 13 This is for Fireworks, Firearms, Explosives, and ammunition.
Class 14Precious Metals and Stones, and Jewelry Items or even coated with, jewels and ornaments and precious stones; also chronometric instruments.
Class 15Diverse Musical Instruments.
Class 16Paper Goods, Stationery Products, and Printed Materials any merchandise produced using them; printed matter, photos and all stationary given that they are excluded in some other classes, types of cement (at the family unit level), paintbrushes, office essentials; showing material (barring any sort of contraption), printing squares and plastic material for bundling.
Class 17Rubber and Plastic Goods and Products and goods made from these, packing, insulating and stopping materials, extruded plastics, pipes (flexible and not made up of metals).
Class 18 Products made of Hides and Leather any kind of its limitation, any goods from this material, trunks, animal skins and traveling bags; parasols, umbrellas and walking sticks also harness and whips.
Class 19 Various Non-Metallic Building Materials, rigid pipes again non-metallic and used for building purposes; bitumen, asphalt, and pitch; monuments, not of metal.
Class 20Furniture, and other precious household Articles like: cane, bone, horn, whalebone, ivory, amber, shell, meerschaum, or any kind of their substitutes, also plastics given that they are not included in any other class.
Class 21Kitchen Utensils, Household Appliances and Glass products like: sponges and combs; brushes and materials included in their making; steel wool and unprocessed glass and glassware; also earthenware.

Class 22“Ropes and Cordage, Fibers, and Stuffing materials like: Tents, nets, strings, ropes, tarpaulins, awnings, sacks, sails, bags raw textile materials (fibrous).
Class 23Threads and Yarns for textile use.
Class 24Textiles and Fabrics and their goods; bed covers and table covers.
Class 25Apparels and Clothing Footwear and headgear.

Class 26Fringes and Fancy Goods and Products like: Ribbons, Embroidery, Lace, and braid; hooks and buttons, needles and pins; artificial flowers.
Class 27Floor Coverings and Wall Hangings like: Mats, rugs, carpets and matting, linoleum and other similar materials used for covering existing floors.
Class 28

Toys, Sporting, and Sports Goods and gymnastic articles; games and any kind of playthings given that they are not included in other classes and also decorations for Christmas Trees.
Class 29Meats and Processed Food Items like: Fish, meat, poultry; meat extracts; dried, cooked, frozen edibles (fruits and vegetables), jellies, jams; eggs, milk and its products, oil (edible).

Class 30

“Auxiliary Food and Beverage Items Tea, coffee, rice, sugar, tapioca, artificial coffee, and sago; bread, flour, pastry and confectionery; honey, ices, yeast, treacle, salt, baking powder, mustard, sauces, vinegar, spices, and ice.
Class 31Agricultural and Horticultural Products grains gave that they are not included in other classes; fresh vegetables and fruits; live animals; seeds; plants and flowers (natural); food product for animals

Class 32 Beers, Light Beverages, and Fruit Juices,Mineral and aerated water, syrups and preparation for beverages.
Class 33Alcoholic drinks (Wines and Spirits).
Class 34Tobacco Products and Smoking articles and matches.
Class 35Advertising and Business Services, business administration and other office functions.
Class 36

Insurance and Financial Services Monetary affairs; real estate affairs.

Class 37

Building, Construction and Repair, Building construction, Installation Services.

Class 38

Telecommunications Services

Class 39

Transportation and Storage Services Packaging and storage of goods.
Class 40Treatment of Materials.
Class 41

Education and Entertainment Services Providing training; Entertainment, sporting, Education and other cultural activities.

Class 42

Technological and scientific services, industrial analysis Computer and Legal Services.

Class 43Hotels and Restaurants Services, Services related to providing drinks and food or temporary accommodation.

Class 44Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural Services, Any kind of Medical services (including Veterinary, hygienic and beauty services) both for humans and animals; horticulture and forest services.

Class 45 Personal and Social Services Services, Legal & security services and personal.

Trademark Search

Intellectual property protection is a fundamental strategy so as to secure your hard work as far as inventive and imaginative undertakings. Trademark registration, therefore, ends up crucial so as to recognize your image and items from comparable themed-organizations. Be that as it may, before beginning with the Trademark Filing. you need to play a trademark search. A trademark opens hunt guarantees that your proposed trademark or word imprint isn't infringing upon any pre-existing trademarks. The open hunt of a trademark is finished by checking the proposed trademark for infringement against the database of existing wordmarks steady with the IP India open inquiry.

At Mahadev Services, we are focused on helping you shield your image from the burglary of Intellectual property. Here are the means by which we help you achieve Trademark Registration:

                        ✴ Most importantly, we search trademark names and produce a broad trademark search report.
                        ✴ When the quest for enlisted trademarks is done we draft your trademark application.
                        ✴After the online trademark search and the application drafting, we present the application to trademark vault.
                        ✴The trademark library leads a meeting and checks for infringement steady with IpIndia Trademark Public Search.
                        ✴On the off chance that there are no complaints while looking through trademark names, your proposed Trademark will                           be enrolled in 18-20 months.


1. What is a Trademark?

A trademark alludes to the strategy for interestingly distinguish your item or administration. It is viewed as a brand name registration. It gives the proprietor sole ownership for its utilization. IP Trademark is one of the sorts of trademark which secures the utilization of manifestations of the brain in a business limit. Fitting trademark search before industrially sending administrations or item is significant for checking any trademark infringement. The procedure for trademark registration are as per the following:

  • Quest for Trademark Name:-
  •             To guarantee there is no encroachment of existing trademarks
  • Recording a Trademark Application:-
  •              Submit the archives and document the required structures
  • Issuance of Receipt:-
  •             An official receipt will be issued by the trademark vault site.
  • Assessment by Registrar:-
  •             Indian trademark office will audit the total application. The overall population will be pulled out of             use for trademark registration process.
  • Brand name Registration India:-
  •             After the procedures, the trademark registration is finished.
  • Trademark Renewal:-
  •             The trademark registration is legitimate for a long time and it must be recharged a while later             by paying a charge.

    2. How to search a Trademark in India?

    As trademark search is critical to distinguish the potential encroachments of existing trademarks. For searching trademark in India, you can likewise profit our free trademark search instrument for the speedy search for imprints in your items or administrations class.

    3. Who can I find a Trademark?

    For this reason, there are a few online apparatuses accessible. Through these apparatuses, you can undoubtedly find all the potential encroachments of existing trademarks by your proposed trademark. Plus, you can likewise utilize our trademark search apparatus offered above to discover the trademark you are searching for.

    4. How to know that i am violating a Trademarked or no, in India ?

    It is clearly written under section 29 and section 30 of the Trademarks Act,1999 regarding the conditions for a violation as well as non- violation of any trademark.

    5. How long does it take for Registering a Trademark in India?

    The procedure for trademark registration in India is very extensive and includes numerous procedures, hearings just as complaints. Besides, the procedure can be occurred anyplace from up to 20 two years. Then again, a trademark application number is issued inside 7 working long stretches of recording a trademark application.

    6. What is Public Search?

    IP India Public pursuit alludes to the technique for searching for trademarks that have just been enrolled by the recorder of trademarks. This sort of quest is exceptionally vital for the brands or organizations who are trying to enroll their own trademark as it gives them assistance to evade all trademark encroachments and it's lawful consequences.

    7. why it is essential to Conduct a trademark search?

    Trademark search alludes to the brand registration search. This can anticipate the contention between your proposed trademark and an effectively existing trademark. Then again, the trademark accessibility quest is a quest for a trademark that can distinguish all the potential encroachments and clashes among proposed and existing trademarks. Trademark search procedure must be done broadly to secure your trademark. There are a few classes of trademarks moreover. It is the best advantages of insurance of the licensed innovation of the organization or substance to experience a far-reaching trademark search before they consider recording the utilization of their trademark.

    8. What is the validity of trademark registration?

    Every registered trademark with the trademarks registry is valid for the specific time period of 10 years. Afterward, it has to be renewed with a fee.

    9. What is TM ?

    You can use (TM) mark as soon as the Trademark application is filed and you receive acknowledgement receipt. (R) mark can be used once it is registered.

    10. What are the things which you should be kept in your mind before using the trademark electronic search system database?

    There are for the most part three things that must be at the top of the priority list at the season of the trademark electronic search framework database:

  • What the database includes

  • How to construct a complete search

  • How to interpret the search results
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